FloodStopper Water Leak Detection System

provides automatic water shut-off to protect against damage and inconvenience caused by water leaks

FloodStopper single-zone water leak detection system
Sorry, this item is currently unavailable.
Please see the H2O SOS system
for a similar alternative water leak
detection system that is currently available.

FloodStopper water leak detection systems offer peace-of-mind and fully-automated water leak protection for your home or business. Each FloodStopper system features a controller, water leak sensor, and an automatic water shut-off valve. It quickly detects water leaks and turns off the water supply to prevent water damage.

Unfortunately, the FloodStopper water leak detection system and related accessories are currently unavailable. If you require replacement parts or accessories for an existing FloodStopper System, several H2O SOS leak detection system compnents are compatible, including: standard sensors and wireless sensors / accessories.